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Welcome to The Growing Club.

The Growing Club, based in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, gathers diverse individuals and communities together to nourish the common well being of people and our planet.

Join our group of pro-activists as we revive the power of people’s hands to weave humanity into nature’s web of generosity. Learn and explore with us as we bring health and resilience back to our urban ecosystem, as we ground our community in healthy soil, nutritious food, and human connection. Come meet us for one of our upcoming hands-on workshops, watch a few of our popular educational & how-to videos, visit one our three ecological demonstration gardens, or apply for LA’s only Urban Farmer Training Program.

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The Growing Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit project of Zanja Madre, an organization based in Los Angeles that aims to impart how the built environment directly impacts the quality of our lives.

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Members support our work and become part of our growing community.


Sustaining Members contribute to our work on a monthly basis and form the foundation of support for all the work we do, from educational videos to Sarvodaya Farms to our monthly outreach events. All monthly contributions are tax-deductible.


Send a one-time tax-deductible donation to support our work. Donations can be directed to specific programs or to our organization in general. We are grateful for donations in any amount.

This Month's Events

Every month, The Growing Club hosts open-to-the-public events and hands-on workshops to help and inspire our local community to create bountiful, beautiful productive gardens. Workshop topics change monthly. Each workshop is held a at different Growing Club Member’s home (or one of our famous demonstration sites), generally located within the San Gabriel Valley. Growing Club Members also receive a discount to workshops. For those with limited income, we offer scholarships to ALL workshops.

Open to Growing Club Members, CSA Members, Past/Present Farmer Trainees, and Special Invitees
Friday, March 31 | 6pm to 9:30pm | Diamond Bar, CA

The Growing Club celebrates the graduation of our latest class of Farmer Trainees! As the seasons change and mature crops leave our fields, so do too our Farmer Trainees. We have nurtured their skills, hopes, and goals as best we could in the limited time we had with them, and now it is time for these Farmers to move on to myceliate their own community’s and grow their own farms. Join us as we celebrate their achievements, share stories, reminiscence of days gone by.


A Monthly Free Potluck Event
Co-hosted by 3Coffee LA
Saturday, March 11 | 10am to 1pm | Pomona, CA

Join us for a fun potluck brunch every 2nd Saturday of the month. This month’s event is hosted at The Growing Commons. 3CoffeeLA brews up some delicious LA roasted fresh coffee and we sit down for a delicious potluck brunch with all our guests (please bring a dish to share!). Attendees are also required to bring something to COMPOST as part of our compost demonstration led by Sarvodaya Farm’s Compost Queen Lynn Fang. Every month, we also choose a “theme” to stimulate conversation and community building.

sarvodayafarms-WHITEOur Urban Farming Initiative

Sarvodaya Farms is The Growing Club’s educational urban farming initiative. Through this initiative, we seek to demonstrate how urban farms can be centers of social, economic, and ecological regeneration and healing in (sub)urban centers. Our goal is to educate our community about regenerative urban farming through workshops, farmer training’s, and educational videos.  Sarvodaya Farms is a distributed urban farm, with sites located in Diamond Bar (The Growing Home), Claremont (The Growing Commons), and Pomona  (Los Angeles County), with dreams of continuing to regenerate many more forgotten urban lands.


Get fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs from our farm every week and support our urban farming work!

Farmer Training We offer 4-month intensive Farmer Training & Master Composter Training Programs to help empower our local community with the skills to grow food within the suburban ecosystem.

Farmers JournalRead about our Trainees experiences as they learn how to farm through our training program.

Our Demonstration Sites

The Growing Home is our suburban home demonstration site
located in Diamond Bar, CA (suburb of Los Angeles). Formerly
a standard tract home with green grass, The Growing Home
is now an ecologically-designed natural habitat that grows
thousands of pounds of food for humans & wildlife, converts
green waste into healthy soil, cleanses urban air pollution,
harvests rainwater, and regulates its own temperature. 

Pomona Urban Farm is our urban farm demonstration site
located in Pomona, CA. Sarvodaya Farms shows how blighted
urban lots can be converted into productive, beautiful
mini-farms that grow healthy, organic food for the local
community, while also cleansing the air, reducing run-off
pollution, providing green gathering space, and serving
as urban centers of connection with Nature.

Our latest demonstration site is a holistically designed orchard
at the Claremont Friends Quaker Meeting. The Growing Commons
was developed using ecological design principles and features to
create a rich, food producing ecosystem. Highlights include rooftop
and curbside water harvesting, California native plants, drought
resilient fruit trees, mulching, and soil regeneration. This project is
still under development, so look out for workshops hosted at this

Featured Pocket Guides

Latest How To Video

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When Dr. Vandana Shiva asked us a few months ago to create a video on Seed Saving for her, we had to say yes, and now we have it finally completed. As Dr. Shiva says, seed in all its diversity and beauty, is our common heritage. Seed can not be copyrighted, patented, or owned, and we have a responsibility as citizens, humans, (more…)

Latest Article

[ARTICLE] Moving Beyond Drought in Mind & Space

Abstract Although California, and specifically Los Angeles, has been in a major drought for the last 3 years (and in reality, much longer than that), it is only recently that government agencies and the public itself has stepped up efforts to manage water in a sustainable way.  The problem has been portrayed as simple problem

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