March 2016


Composting for Drought Resilient Soil 4/2

Composting for Drought Resilient Soil Workshop at the Farm
Saturday, April 2 | 10am to 1pm | Pomona, CA

Instructor: Lynn Fang, Compost Queen

Transform waste to wealth while building soil health. Learn about how using mulch and compost can build healthy soil and reduce the need to water your plants. We will go over natural soil fertility, soil water dynamics, compost biology, simple ways to make compost at home, and how you can use compost in your garden. We will build a large windrow pile using juice pulp, plant waste, brewery waste, coffee grounds, horse bedding, animal manure, and a few surprise materials. The class is for home gardeners and landscape professionals alike.

Topics covered: soil biology & natural soil fertility, soil water dynamics, practices that build healthy soil, compost biology, home composting methods, urban on-farm composting, community composting


March Workshop

Converting Sprinklers to Drip Irrigation
Saturday, March 26 | 10am to 3pm | Altadena, CA

Instructor: Rishi Kumar
Still watering your sidewalk instead of your plants? At this workshop, learn how to convert your wasteful, expensive sprinkler system to water-conserving drip irrigation. Drip irrigation delivers water right where plants need them: at their roots. Keep your plants healthy and prevent water waste. A great workshop for the conservation minded homeowner.

Topics covered: water conservation, drip irrigation, mulching, sprinkler conversion, low-water landscaping,