July 2016


July Workshop

THE GOOD DIRT – Composting at Home for Soil Health.Grow Your Own Veggies!
Saturday, July 23 | 9am to 3pm | Claremont, CA

Instructor: Farmer Lynn Fang
How can you save water, save money, do something good for the planet, and get good exercise all at the same time? COMPOSTING is the answer friends! Come learn how you can turn “trash” into black gold to grow food at home at this workshop. This workshop, taught by our Compost Queen Lynn Fang, will cover all aspects of composting at home from starting a compost pile, managing and turning a pile, and storing and using compost.
Topics covered: Soil Health | Hot Composting | Home Composting | Resource Conservation & Recovery | Drought Resilience

Tickets: General – $35 | Members | $10/$5/$0 | Scholarships Available



A Monthly Free Potluck Event at Sarvodaya Farms
Co-hosted by 3Coffee LA
Saturday, July 9 | 10am to 1pm | Pomona, CA

Join us for a fun potluck brunch every 2nd Saturday of the month at Sarvodaya Farms. 3CoffeeLA brews up some delicious LA roasted fresh coffee and we sit down for a delicious potluck brunch with all our guests (please bring a dish to share!). Attendees are also required to bring something to COMPOST as part of our compost demonstration led by Sarvodaya Farm’s Compost Queen Lynn Fang. Every month, we also choose a “theme” to stimulate conversation and community building.