Category: Apr 2015 – Bock, Bock, Cluck

A well designed chicken coop has all the features that make keeping chickens at home easy, fun, and simple. The chicken coop we designed and built at The Growing Home has many wonderful features that have made our chicken keeping experience a joy, and we share those features with you in this video.

Chickens are great companion animals for any garden or farm. While most people default to building a chicken coop, which is a completely enclosed space where chickens will live most of their lives, and in many cases, a chicken tractor is a better idea. A chicken tractor is an open-bottomed, movable chicken enclosure.  (more…)

Have your radish plants bolted? Don’t rip them out just yet! Radish seeds pods are excellent tasty vegetables and you often get more food from the pods than the root itself. Learn how to cook these delicious pods in an easy and delicious way in this video! Don’t forget to leaves us your comments!