Category: Feb 2015 – Seeds of Hope


She gave me one Seed. “It’s the last of its kind,” she said. “From another time. A time of kindness and warmth. Of joy and abundance,” she told me. “Plant it with care. Plant it where the sun shines, but not too bright. Plant it where the ground is moist, but not wet. Plant it not too shallow, not too deep. Look after it everyday. This seed is full of promises.” (more…)

In the winter months, it is important to eat warming, hearty foods that keep us strong and healthy when the weather is coldest. In India, daal is a staple dish during these months. It has a heating tendency on the body, is easy to digest, and is full of protein to keep the gardener working in difficult weather. Daal is extremely easy to make. Most Indian families will eat daal every night, along with rice and a vegetable dish. We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do. It has kept our family warm for many centuries.