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Although California, and specifically Los Angeles, has been in a major drought for the last 3 years (and in reality, much longer than that), it is only recently that government agencies and the public itself has stepped up efforts to manage water in a sustainable way.  The problem has been portrayed as simple problem of supply and demand: California has only so much water, and we are using too much of it.  Of course, the reality is much more complex and nuanced. Luckily for us, however, the solution is quite simple: for California to truly become water sustainable, we must first focus on regenerating our water ethic and our water ecology. (more…)

Cauliflower is a favorite vegetable of most Punjabi families such as ours. It’s usually readily available at the farmer’s market, and is very easy to cook. Traditionally, cauliflower is cooked with potatoes, but as we are trying to cut down on starchy, less nutrient dense foods, we chose to make this dish with just the cauliflower. The flavor of this dish is mild (at least for us), and very easy to digest.  It also cooks quite quickly, and doesn’t involve much prep, so its a go-to-dish in the winter when we need something quick.   (more…)

def: advaita   ad-vite adjective;
1. A sanskrit word implying union. Literally “ad” meaning not, and vait meaning “two”. Not two, but not one.

I am lettuce. I am tomato. I am chicken, and I am broccoli. And no I am not crazy, but I am Nature.

In Southern California, we draw on three major water sources for the water we use in our homes: water from the California State Water Project, which brings billions of gallons of water down from major dams in Northern California, water from the Owens Valley,which has drained an entire lake and decimated a farming community, and water from the Colorado River, which no longer reaches the ocean.  (more…)