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This month, as we express our gratitude to the beings and systems that support our lives, we look at ways that we can give back. Much of the food that we depend on, comes from flowering plants that require pollination (think about tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and almost all fruits). These flowering plants, in turn, depend on a variety of insects that actually perform the pollination.  Although the honey bee is the most well-known of these creatures, she is just one of hundreds of life forms which help our food grow.  (more…)


To be grateful to Nature, we must first know it. To know nature, we must first notice it.

Although I have read dozens of books on gardening, nature, and ecology, watched countless videos, and attended many classes and lectures, my greatest teacher has been the garden herself.  Since I began gardening, I’ve made it an (almost) daily practice to spend at least a few minutes walking around the garden.  (more…)


ster·ile /ˈsterəl/  adjective
1. not able to produce children or young. (of land or soil) too poor in quality to produce crops.
2. free from life

It is a common misconception that Death is the opposite of Life. Out of this belief, modern society takes great pain to reduce, hide, and otherwise eliminate death from its view. We go out to rake up the dead leaves, hiding the seasonal slumber of fall. We paint our faces, wrinkled with age,  (more…)

Feeding the Soil

November 2014 Garden Lecture

“Thanking the Earth”