Category: Drought Resilient Garden Series

Composting your food scraps at home is one of the first, easiest, and most effective steps to creating a Drought Resilient Garden. Turning food scraps into the healthy soil, the most valuable resource on Earth, will help you understand the value of the materials that millions of people send to the landfill each day. By understanding that there is no such thing as “waste,” we can begin to see the abundance that is flowing around us, and start to insert ourselves into the stream, receiving that abundance in our own lives.  (more…)

In 2008, The Growing Home was a field of lawn, just most other housesĀ in the suburban world. Then we started on a path to turn ourĀ house into a home for all life: for plants, for insects, for animals, and for people. Our journey was similar to the journey many other families are taking now as they step out of the world of being a “consumer” and step into the world of being a citizen and a leader.  (more…)