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A Monthly Free Potluck Event
Co-hosted by 3Coffee LA
Saturday, May 13 | 10am to 1pm | Pomona, CA

Join us for a fun potluck brunch every 2nd Saturday of the month. This month’s event is hosted at The Growing Commons. 3CoffeeLA brews up some delicious LA roasted fresh coffee and we sit down for a delicious potluck brunch with all our guests (please bring a dish to share!). Attendees are also required to bring something to COMPOST as part of our compost demonstration led by Sarvodaya Farm’s Compost Queen Lynn Fang. Every month, we also choose a “theme” to stimulate conversation and community building.

Open to Growing Club Members, CSA Members, Past/Present Farmer Trainees, and Special Invitees
Friday, March 31 | 6pm to 9:30pm | Diamond Bar, CA

The Growing Club celebrates the graduation of our latest class of Farmer Trainees! As the seasons change and mature crops leave our fields, so do too our Farmer Trainees. We have nurtured their skills, hopes, and goals as best we could in the limited time we had with them, and now it is time for these Farmers to move on to myceliate their own community’s and grow their own farms. Join us as we celebrate their achievements, share stories, reminiscence of days gone by.