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[VIDEO] How to Build a Mini Pond

A mini pond is a beautiful, functional, easy to maintain addition to any garden. By creating a self-sustaining, water based system, we can create a new habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife in our garden, while also providing fresh, uncontaminated water for all of our gardens critters to drink. A simple water feature like this can create a myriad of benefits, and is so easy to put together. We highly recommend every add one of these to their landscape.

[VIDEO] How to Make a Bee Hotel

This month, as we express our gratitude to the beings and systems that support our lives, we look at ways that we can give back. Much of the food that we depend on, comes from flowering plants that require pollination (think about tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and almost all fruits). These flowering plants, in turn, depend on a variety of insects that actually perform the pollination. ¬†Although the honey bee is the most well-known of these creatures, she is just one of hundreds of life forms which help our food grow.  (more…)

[RECIPE] Mung Bean Daal

In the winter months, it is important to eat warming, hearty foods that keep us strong and healthy when the weather is coldest. In India, daal is a staple dish during these months. It has a heating tendency on the body, is easy to digest, and is full of protein to keep the gardener working in difficult weather. Daal is extremely easy to make. Most Indian families will eat daal every night, along with rice and a vegetable dish. We hope you enjoy this dish as much as we do. It has kept our family warm for many centuries.