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[VIDEO] How to Install a Laundry Greywater System

In Southern California, we draw on three major water sources for the water we use in our homes: water from the California State Water Project, which brings billions of gallons of water down from major dams in Northern California, water from the Owens Valley,which has drained an entire lake and decimated a farming community, and water from the Colorado River, which no longer reaches the ocean.  (more…)

[VIDEO] How to Build a Flood And Drain Nursery Part 2

An updated video on how to build a flood & drain nursery system from readily available parts.   The system recycles water, and deep soaks your pots.

[VIDEO] Companion Planting Carrots and Lettuce

Companion planting is planting two plants together that grow well together. Carrots and lettuce make great companion plants, and in this video we show you the results of our experiment companion planting lettuce and carrots.

[VIDEO] How to Capture a Honey Bee Swarm

We thought we lost this video, but just happened to find it this week.  This video shows us recapturing our honey bees after they swarmed the day after we got them.  Pretty cool stuff, definitely a must watch!