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[VIDEO] How to Add Frames to a Beehive

Its been a few months since we got our beehive, so we decided to check inside and see if they needed more space.  They indeed did, so we added a new box with plenty more frames for them to expand their hive.

[VIDEO] How To Collect Brassica Seed

A video on how to collect seed from any brassica family plant. The Brassica family includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, mustard, radish, and kale.

[VIDEO] How To Remove a Concrete Patio

We decided to remove our concrete patio in the backyard.  Check out this video on how we did it.

[VIDEO] How to Capture a Bee Swarm

A video of our adventures getting a bee hive at The Growing Home.

[VIDEO] How Potatoes Grow

A new video where we show how potatoes grow!